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Sindhupalchowk landslide

September 14, 2014

I made an overnight visit to collect some footage at the scene of the August 2nd landslide that wiped out a large section of the Araniko Highway north of Kathmandu.  It is the main connecting road between Kathmandu and Lhasa.  Unusually heavy monsoon rains and unstable terrain led to the catastrophic landslide, which destroyed a small village and claimed at least 156 lives, many of whom are still buried under tons of earth.   The landslide is massive and completely blocked a major river, creating a huge lake.  Trucks line up at the north end of the slide and unload there goods onto the backs of opportunistic porters that carry loads across the 2 kilometer disaster zone.  Huge efforts are underway to both repair the existing highway and to open up an alternate route across the river.  The landscape is stark and haunting, and is an example of the perils of road travel in Nepal.  While small landslides are commonplace throughout the country during monsoon season (June-August), events of this magnitude are very rare.  

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