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March 15, 2017

November 1, 2016

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Back from first research trip

November 20, 2014

We have returned from our first trip up the Upper Arun River Valley.  We learned much about the road-to-be and met with many people along the way.  At the border of Tibet, in the village of Kimanthanka, a road construction team was 15 days into construction of the northern section of the road.  There was some dispute between the villagers over compensation, or rather lack thereof,  for fields taken over by the new road.  The road will make its way to the top of the steep hill on which the village sits in the next four months.  When we return we think it will be much changed.  We filmed our first segment of the film with the road crew there.  


We plan to return to the region in December and January to document the annual migration from the villages of the Upper Arun Valley to warmer climates.  Many villagers travel in groups, carrying goods to be sold (including 'jaribhuti' - medicinal plants collected from the jungle) to exporters in the flats of southern Nepal and northern India.  

Rice terraces near Pathibhara 

The mighty Arun River

Mule train carrying goods from Num to Gola

Lucas taking a break from shooting the rice harvest with a Gurung family from Lingam

Millet ready to be harvested

Kimanthanka before the road.  The hills beyond the village are in Tibet.


Road maintenance as seen from inside a public bus

Land slide above newly constructed track Pathibhara area.

Chyamtang community construction - friends and family members helped to build a house by carrying stones.  

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