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Transcriptions are in, editing begins

October 9, 2015

Though we returned stateside in June, work on the film continued in Nepal throughout the summer.  Our diligent team of translators and transcribers in Kathmandu and Dharan remained hard at work, poring over hours and hours of footage. 


To complicate matters, 40% of our film is in a language known as Lhomi (or Lhoket, or Shing Saapa, or Kath Bhote, or Kar Bhote depending on who you talk to).  Lhomi is a relative of Tibetan  language that is only spoken in the northern Arun River valley of Nepal.  It is tough to get accurate figures, but there are less than 5,000 speakers of this language worldwide, and we only know of one that lives in the USA.  We owe a big thank you to our small team of translators that wer able to provide English-language transcriptions of this footage!


We are happy to report that the transcriptions are now complete, the footage has been logged, and now we are organizing our 100's of hours of footage into bins in the editing.  Kate has begun stringing out the footage, and we are on the road (pun intended) towards an assembly edit of the film.


Here's a throwback photo of our old editing and equipment room in Nepal.  You can see the 'map' for the movie on the wall on the right.  I kinda miss those purple walls!




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